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About Us

Let our experienced technicians in California repair your electric gate swiftly and effectively, maintain it or install a brand new system. Our company provides solutions in emergencies as well as on a scheduled basis.

Welcome to our company Gate Repair Brea

Customers can count on us for their gate installation, maintenance and repair needs. Our services of gate repair are provided fast by technicians who have been chosen among the best in California for their skills. We provide residential services and fix intercoms.

Address: Pointe Dr
Brea, California
Zip code: 92821
Phone: 714-517-1684

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We accept cash, credit cards, and checks.
We are dedicated to what we do and have the expertise to repair and install all residential gates. Our services are offered at the convenience of the client and cover installation, maintenance and repair needs, and our technicians are prepared to provide emergency repairs

Although modern electric gates are designed to be reliable, problems can still occur. Whenever this happens, count on us at "Gate Repair Brea" to provide the most effective resolution in the fastest possible manner. Our company has extensive experience in the industry and covers all types of gates and their components, including the opener and its accessories, and the intercom. Our repair services are available on an urgent and scheduled basis depending on the circumstances. You can also take advantage of our installation and maintenance services. No matter what your needs are, we will make sure they will be fully met.

About our company in California

Skilled Specialists Resolving Problems Fast

We have everything necessary to resolve even the most serious of problems. Our team consists of highly qualified technicians who are very familiar with the latest technologies in our industry. Even if you have the most advanced DKS opener, it will be fixed perfectly in the shortest possible time. Only the best and most precise tools are used for doing every job. The components are handled with the utmost care.

Since all the moving metal parts work hard while being constantly exposed to the elements, they require replacement more often than owners may think. That is why our company is fully stocked on spare parts which have been selected in line with our strict requirements for quality. Whether there is a need for sliding gate chain replacement or a swing gate hinge change, rely on us to do the job perfectly with the use of a precisely matching new component. Expect the new part to work flawlessly and to be strong and durable as well.

Turn to us with complete confidence in case of an emergency, such as a gate stuck in opening position, or a post on the brink of collapsing. Expect quick reaction on our part. Gate Repair Brea has the capacity and work organization to service customers in the fastest possible manner. The issue will be resolved equally quickly even if there is a need for replacing a major component.

Our company is always available to help you out. Entrust us with the servicing of your electric gate because our solutions are:

* Speedy - You will get swift response and fix.

* Dependable - Our skilled and experienced technicians are fully prepared for any job.

* Effective - You will receive excellent results for optimal gate operation at all times.

Our installation services are equally quick and produce perfect results as well. They are designed for gates, openers and intercoms. You can hire us to install a whole new system for you. All details including gate exit sensor installation and the adjustment of the settings will be taken care of. You can leave the maintenance of your new or existing gate to us as well. We will ensure that it works reliably and safely at all times.

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Overhead Gate Spring Replacement

Each overhead gate uses a spring system. In case of a single-panel unit, there is one spring on each side. Sectional and roll up gates use a single torsion spring mounted over a shaft above the unit. The role of the spring system is to counterbalance the weight of the gate and to facilitate its operation. When the gate is opened, the system releases most of the force required for its movement. Overhead gate spring replacement is necessary when a spring gets broken. All components of this type have a predetermined cycle life. When it ends, they break. In general, it is possible for a worn spring to be replaced before it breaks. The replacement process involves the removal of the old component and the installation of a new one of the same type and size. The new spring is adjusted and its coils are covered with lubricant for smoother operation and protection.

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