Our Testimonials

Our Testimonials

We welcome every feedback from our customers. Read through some of them in our testimonials page below

Get to know more about our company and the quality of gate services we provide through the feedback sent by our customers. Read the testimonials in this page to learn about their experience with our services. Find out more about us from the perspective of our customers.

Immediate driveway gate troubleshooting service

“Our steel gate made this strange sound that morning and then it stopped moving on its way back to the closed position. My husband took a quick look but since we have no clue how these systems work, we couldn't figure out what was wrong. The tech of Gate Repair Brea knew exactly what was wrong and even told us on the phone that he suspected a problem with the motor. He was right and he had it fixed, but he still checked the other parts, lubricated the sliding gate rollers and gave us some simple maintenance tips. He was great and we appreciated such fast assistance.”

Happy with swing gate adjustment

“My kids were off to their very first field trip and my husband decided to drive them to school that day! I was waving goodbye when I realized that the gate didn't close right. I sent a message to Gate Repair Brea and a few minutes later one of the staff called back to tell me that the technician would come by soon. Two hours later the tech was here fixing the hinges. The entire gate hinge repair service lasted for a while but the gate was closing perfectly afterwards. I couldn't be happier. It was a busy day for all of us, but when my family got back everything was set thanks to this gate company.”

Fantastic Swing Gate Repair

"My new house needed major renovation, and I hired this service provider to repair the rotten gate. I appreciated the fact that the technician took an all-encompassing approach to fix not only the damaged wood panels and posts, but also the hardware. He used the latest and most advanced filler and weather-resistant paint to make the panels and posts strong and perfectly looking once again. He replaced the swing gate hinges with stronger ones made from galvanized steel and lubricated them. The job was done very quickly and the end result was even better than I had anticipated. If I need a professional service of this kind in the future, I will definitely turn to Gate Repair Brea."

Reliable and Efficient Gate Repair Service

I’m a manager of a gated community and was very impressed by the quick and efficient services I received from Gate Repair Brea after contacting them. The technician took on the job and in a few minutes, he was able to diagnose the issue with the slide gate that made the gate not to open. He repaired it right away and made sure the gate functioned properly. I will surely use the services of this company again. My employer was also impressed by their quick response and affordable price. Highly recommended.


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