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How can I be sure the gate is safe?

Frequent maintenance service, immediately addressing sudden problems, and proper new gate installations are a few of the things that ensure the gate is safe. Testing the reverse system is one of the things our experts recommend since functional safety sensors can prevent entrapments. Under any circumstances, don't stand close to gates even if they don't move and don't let children play nearby.

Is there a way to treat rusty gate parts?

It depends on the extent of the problem. Rotten gate repair is not easy. If parts of the gate are truly rusty, it's best to replace them or they will break and cause safety issues and inconveniences. If you just noticed a few rusty signs here and there, you can scrub the area with a brush, clean it well and apply special coatings for these kinds of problems.

My gate opener produces plastic dust while working. What’s wrong with it?

This dust most certainly comes from the rim gear, also known as the main moving gear. It indicates that the gear is misaligned. You should get it adjusted as soon as possible. If the problem continues, the gear can get severely damaged and your opener might stop working altogether.

What is better a swing gate or sliding gate?

It comes down to your personal preference. Both swing and sliding variants can come in different ranges of strength and quality. The one important consideration is space. If you have a lot of space, swing gate is possible. If you don't have a lot of space in front and behind the position of the gat, a sliding gate will likely be more appropriate.

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